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Using the app

Learning on the Eclass App by CueKids

Using This App

If you are looking to understand what this App is all about, here is the right place to go to.

How to start

Explore our Fun Corner to find something that you’d like to learn about. We have activities on different topics and are always adding more. What’s more, you can now pick how you want to learn. Do you like puzzles, we have those. Are you fascinated with stories? We got you covered! Videos, worksheets, fun facts, podcast you name it, we have it.

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Free signup

  • Unless you signup (which is absolutely free) you will be able to see very limited content.
  • If you have still not downloaded our App, what are you waiting for? It’s available on Google Playstore.
  • If you are using the App, you will have automatically logged in. If you are using a laptop, then you can login from here.
  • Nice and easy wasn’t it? Now you can simply browse on the Explore page, see what activities would you like to do or else check which event you would like to attend.

Access the content

Signing in gives you access to a lot more activities on Eclass. Below are different fun things you can try out


Quizzes are a good way to test your knowledge on topics like communication, confidence, emotions isn’t it? Our quizzes are super fun and of different types and there are lots of topics to choose from. The quizzes are scored, you get an limited number of tries at each question and we give you feedback on each go. Good luck!


Worksheets are available for free download, again on a lot of topics. The guidance of how to complete the worksheet is mentioned on the sheet itself, so simply download, and complete it either yourself or with your parent or friend. You can submit it to your teacher to know how you did. Simply email us on eclass@cuekids.in with the name of the worksheet mentioned in the subject.

Online Course

  • Our online course has short videos that you can watch
  • Login, enrol and simply start watching and learning with us.

Fun Facts, Stories and others

There are endless ways in which you can have fun on the App

  • Fun facts on different animals, detectives, book characters, famous personalities
  • Stories that are easy to read
  • Concepts to make you stronger
  • Podcast for kids by kids

Free Online Events

If you have registered on the App, you get access to attend online events absolutely FREE! We have fun parties where we learn with our favourite movie characters, super heroes and escape rooms. So join in the fun.

Try A Challenge

If all this wasn’t enough, try our challenges here. You can attempt any of the challenges and submit your work. Every week we feature projects submitted by our young learners.

Purchase the membership

  • If you are satisfied with our quality and want to explore more content, browse the memberships here.
  • Proceed to checkout and fill-in the details to purchase. We accept all international credit and debit cards as well as netbanking for the payment.
  • If you need any assistance, email us and we will help you out.

More content with membership

Here is what extra you get when you choose a membership plan


In addition to the free pre-recorded course, we have live courses that we have been conducting with kids from across the globe. Explore the options, and if you are interested, you can either purchase or set up a free trial with us.