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Safety of Child

How does my child know what content to access?

The menu is self explanatory and we have put instructions in a way that are easy for children to understand. Should your child need any sort of assistance, they can reach the teachers on this number: +91 93216 04099

Would the offer emails keep coming to my child’s account?

The objective of our email updates is to inform children about the new activities that are uploaded on the website so that they can access the same through their membership accounts. Our emails are focused on sharing activities or upcoming events with kids, not exchanging any offers with them.

Can any child directly upload content on your website?

All comments and projects of children that are visible have been personally scrutinised by our teachers to ensure that the content is safe for children’s viewing. No content can be directly visible on our website unless approved by the teachers.

Quality of Content

Can I allow my child to access the eclass by themselves?

Eclass has been designed to be totally safe for access by children themselves. While they might require adults from the home to do some activities, all instructions of accessing different sections of eclass are well explained through video and text format. Since this website is for kids, all content is absolutely safe to be accessed by children.

What if my child accidentally comments on some post?

All comments are regulated by our teachers who are actively monitoring content on the eclass so you do not need to worry about any harsh comments etc on any of our articles or even the projects uploaded by your child

Membership Related

Who is contacted for the fees renewal?

We will be getting in touch with the parent whenever the membership is up for renewal

What if my child forgets the login details?

We are here to help! Just drop us an email on eclass@cuekids.in and we will reset the password for you, in case you are unable to do the same yourself on the login page.

Accessing Content

What if my child does not understand the activity?

We can schedule a time with one of our teachers who can help your child understand any particular activity if they need any assistance

Where are the assignments to be submitted?

While submitting assignments is not compulsory, your child can send us their project or activity to eclass@cuekids.in. We can share feedback on the same with the child.