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Guess the Emotion

How well can you recognize your emotions? Can you guess how you would be feeling in the given situations?

How to play this quiz?

Below are certain situations. Within ten minutes you have to guess how you would be feeling in the given situation. Look at the options below and think which is the correct answer. Drag and drop the right answers in front of the statement. Once you have matched all the statements with the emotions, you can hit the “Submit Quiz” button.  Are you ready?
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Here are the situations

You have to eat a vegetable you don't like at all
You favourite character in the movie dies
You will feel this if you have an exam tomorrow but you are not prepared for it
Your teacher appreciates you in front of the whole class, for helping other people in need
Plants start to grow from the seeds you threw out in the garden
Your best friend wins first prize on sports day
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Passing grade - 60%